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Unique to Newton Strategy Group and central to our values, is the importance we place on three core operational principles: precision focus, practical insights, and partner engagement.

With our deep understanding of the dynamics of the Private Equity environment, Newton Strategy Group is the trusted resource for PE firms seeking exceptional market due diligence and keen insights into maximizing portfolio company performance.

Precision Focus.

More than 50 years of collective experience in top global consultancies as well as smaller specialty firms have provided us with an appreciation for industry best practices. Sharply focused on questions of critical strategic interest to client PE firms and operating companies, we tailor our process to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, delivering precisely the answers needed to achieve each client’s goals.

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Partner Engagement.

Like larger firms, Newton Strategy Group employs a rigorous, data-driven approach to our due diligence process. Yet unlike such firms, our smaller scale enables far greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing project needs. Our streamlined structure allows for ongoing senior oversight of each project, providing assurance of the finest quality results. Larger firms simply cannot provide the level of active participation and hands-on engagement that we do every day.

Practical Insights.

As specialists in Private Equity strategic consulting, we understand the purpose behind the due diligence process and how market intelligence is ultimately utilized. As such, we are able to ensure its consistent utility, practicality and actionable value. The result for our clients? Critical strategic decisions made with confidence and clarity.

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